Covid-19 Worldmap

Covid-19 has become world pandemic. It is useful if there was a site to view all the information regarding covid. This is sample dashboard site hosted on Heroku, where user can view basic information about Total Cases, Total Deaths and Total Recovery counts worldwide.
The Project is React-Redux based project created by me and hosted through Heroku. The project makes use of for fetching its covid related data.
General Outlook of Dashboard
                                        clicked on Japan
Features in Website
Three Options - Total Number of Cases, Total Death Cases and Total Recovered Cases

User can switch between three options to view corresponding stats globally. When switched, the stats on right side show Top 10 countries list by either options.
Showing Death related data when
                                            clicked on Death
Country wise details on clicking on each Country

User can click any country in map to view Graph and Today's Status along with Total Status of that country till now.

Total and Todays status for

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